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How to care for your piece

Your piece is made up of your one of a kind DNA, infused into resin to set the stone. Care instructions need to be followed or your stone is at risk of being damaged.

Please avoid getting your piece wet

This includes Showering, Swimming, Hand Sanitiser, Contact with Chemicals, exercising etc.

Introducing water to your stone can cause the resin component of your piece to break down over time.
Your stone is splash-proof and can handle a light shower of rain or rinsing your hands but should be removed for all of the above instances.

Please avoid sleeping whilst wearing your piece, any damage obtained by sleeping in your piece for example damage to prongs from catching on sheets will not be covered in your warranty 

Please avoid excessive exposure to heat and direct sunlight.
When not in use please store your piece in a jewellery box away from the elements.
Exposure to these elements can cause your piece to discolour due to the resin make up of your stone.

Please only clean your piece with the Silver Polishing cloth supplied 
(This only applies to pieces of jewellery where a silver setting is present)
The use of ultrasonic jewellery cleaners will damage your stone and strip the plating off Plated items and will void any warranty to your piece.

Not adhering to these care instructions can void the warranty of your piece

Any further questions please get in contact

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