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Grieving Families Program

We at A Piece of my Heart - Breastmilk Jewellery & Memorial Art, are launching a new Grieving Families Program.

The Grieving Families program will donate a memorial item to a very special family during their time of grief in hopes that it will help them in their healing journey.

We understand that sometimes it helps to be able to hold our loved ones close after a heartbreaking loss. Please read over the finer details to understand the process of nominating either yourself or someone you love.


We will choose a new recipient every month.


Any grieving family is eligible, and we can include any element to create a memorial piece in honour of their lost loved one including, Breastmilk, Cremation Ashes, Flowers from their funeral, Clothing, Hair and more.


When you apply, please share their story, to the best of your ability.

Please submit the form below or alternatively send your nomination to


Anything shared will be kept confidential.


Please tell us about the family you're nominating.

Please include as much detail and description as you're able to.  If there is a webpage, Facebook page, or gofundme page available, please link to it.

Please include the name of the person/family you're nominating and why you believe they deserve to be a recipient.  We wish we could gift every single grieving family this opportunity, but since we are only able to choose a recipient every month, please include as many details as possible.


Whomever we choose will be contacted privately by email. 

Terms & Conditions: Donations include anything on our storefront excluding Solid Gold Pieces and the Luxe Collection 
Submissions will be pooled together and sorted to be chosen from during the first week of every month. If unsuccessful feel free to renominate your chosen family for the next round

Nominate Now

Thanks for submitting!

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