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Embryo Straw Cremation

Embryo Cremation is a cremation service of embryo straws for families who do not wish to donate or dispose and have completed their family.

Many people think you have limited options when it comes to deciding what to do with your unused Embryo Straws

The process of Embryo Straw Cremation is very simple and done in a professional and caring manner by a licensed crematorium specialising in small cremations. 


Cremation Certificates are available at request 

Once the cremation process has been completed you may decide to have the Embryo Ash infused into a timeless piece of Jewellery

For more information on which of our Pieces are suitable for Embryo Ash Inclusions please view our collections page


Alternatively, if you are not ready to take that step we completely understand and will have the Embryo Ash sent back to you after the Cremation Service.

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