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The Process

Wondering how our process works? Lets get into that...

Once you have chosen a design from our website and followed the prompts on the product page filling out your ring size (If applicable) and any shimmers and flecks- If you're not sure about your ring size yet.. that's totally ok!! We have an inclusion kit available to add to your cart which includes everything you need to safely send in your precious inclusions as well as a ring sizer.

You will then proceed to checkout.

After checkout is complete you will receive a welcome email. Please note this welcome email can sometimes land in your spam/junk folder so please be sure to check there. If you chose not to add an inclusion kit that is ok. You will receive packing and posting instructions within your welcome email. 

We only require 5ml of breastmilk & 1/2 tsp of ashes to create a keepsake


Once we receive your inclusions into our studio we begin the preservation phase. Our preservation method is made up of multiple steps and chemicals ensuring your milk will not change colour or go rotten down the track.We have a proven studio method to ensure your milk keepsake is kept beautiful for years to come.


Breastmilk after the first phase of preservation ready for the next step

Breastmilk after the second phase of preservation

Once your breastmilk has been professionally preserved it is then labelled and set upon the shelf ready for its drying period, this can take anywhere from 5 days - 2 weeks


Once we are ready to craft your keepsake your breastmilk is ground down to a fine powder to be mixed in with our studio tested jewellery grade resin


It is then mixed into our jewellery grade resin along with any of your requested shimmers and flecks


We then begin crafting your stone, We take great pride in our work here at A Piece of my Heart - Breastmilk Jewellery & Memorial Art

Where we have been trained by the best in our industry.
We see a lot of other artists using a cabochon stone in a prong setting and please know these settings will never hold that stone forever, Prong settings must have a facet stone set into it.


Your jewellery setting is then carefully inspected under a microscope before the stone setting stage of your piece begins

Once your stone is set, your setting is then polished and photographed and then lovingly packaged ready to make its journey home to you.

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